The Village Band
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The links below provide information about joining and participating in the band as well as information for members concerning access to a variety of band documents and other online capabilities.

Topic Description
Membership Policy
Describes the process and administrative requirements and expectations  (attendance, distribution and care of parts, practicing, rehearsals, etc.) for joining and remaining in the band.
Musicianship Policy Details of the requirements and expectations (in terms of basic musical skills) for joining and remaining in the band, along with the motivations for these.
Musicianship examples
(In preparation: not currently available.)
Examples (for each instrument or section) of the type and level of music that a prospective member should expect to be able to play in order to join the band.  These can help you decide if you are at (or close to) the required level of skill for the band and can act as a kind of "self test": if you can play these examples for your instrument reasonably well, then you likely have the necessary skills to join, and enjoy playing in, the band.
Members mailing list FAQ How to interact with the Members mailing list, send and reply to messages, get the current list of band members, change the email address the list uses for you, etc.
Village Band bylaws The bylaws that govern the band as a non-profit corporation in NC.
New member registration form Click on this link to register for the band officially (and join the Members mailing list) once you have contacted an officer and completed the "Joining the Band" process described in the Membership Policy.
Music Library Find copies of your music here. Requires login and password. If you've forgotten the member login, ask an officer or the webczar.